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Khalkedon Rare Books is selling rare, collectible, and scholarly books and maps of the Turkish and Islamic world since 2009 with speciality books, documents in Ottoman Turkish, and manuscripts. Khalkedon Books has a large catalog which you can make a detailed search about archaeology, architecture, Turkish and Islamic arts, Turkology, Turkish / Turkic linguistics, numismatics, Middle East, Sufism, travel literature, Turkish painting, Byzantium, Alevism and Bektashism, important memoirs, Kurds, Laz peoples, Caucasus, Balkans, Armenians, Judaica, Greeks, photography, Ottomania, Seljuks subjects etc. We have a bookstore in Kadikoy (with its ancient name: Khalkedon) and we now hold more than 100,000 titles in two huge warehouses in Istanbul except for our bookstore. We are member of IOBA (Independent Online Bookseller Association) since 2015.







[VOYAGE INTO AFRICAN SAHRA] Afrika Sahra-yi Kebirinde seyahât.

Ikdam Matbaasi, Ist., 1904.

Modern full morocco in Ottoman traditional style. Roy. 8vo. (25 x 17 cm). In Ottoman script. 119 p., 15 unnumbered b/w plates, and 1 color double-paged map of Northwest Africa and the Sahara Desert. There are many reports and travels surviving today from the second Sultan Abdulhamid Khan period. These are reference texts that specify the military and political measures that should be taken, which specifically tell us about particular geography and the daily life, customs, beliefs, and strategic location of the region's people. This rare book containing Sahara exploration gives extensive information about the Benghazi region of North Africa and the leader of the Senûsî (Senussi) movement living here, Muhammad al-Senusi, and their followers. With the impressive and enthusiastic expression of Sadik al-Muayyad, this work not only reveals the affairs of the Ottoman government, but also the mysteries of the journeys that have taken months in the Great Sahara desert, revealing the living standards of the desert people and shed light on an unknown aspect of Turkish recent history. First Edition. Özege 132.




[NEW REPUBLICAN TURKISH BOURGEOISIE IN SEARCH OF ITS DIRECTION DURING WW II: NAZISM OR SOVIET COMMUNISM] Okul-spor: Sporda muvaffak olmak için onun milletçe mahiyeti ve kiymeti anlasilmis olmak ve onaa kalpten muhabbet etmek, onu vatanî vazife telakki eylemek lazimdir. Bize güvenen yanilmayacaktir! Maarif Vekilligi tarafindan aylik olarak nesredilir. No: 1-20. June 19, 1939-1940.


Maarif Vekâleti [i.e. Turkish Ministry of Education]., Ankara, 1939-1940.

Paperback. Folio. (34 x 25 cm). In Turkish. Each issue [15] p. 20 issues: (315 p.), profusely b/w ills. According to the Turkish National Library, the complete set has 20 issues. From 1939 to 1940, 20 issues published in Ankara and it's all published. This magazine which is published between 1939-1949 is a particular interest as it is a primary source that has not yet been studied in-depth and because it contains articles by Republican State (no named authors) time and is illustrated by a great number of photographs. The carefully selected symbols and discourse on the sports subject used in the magazine for self-representation as a search for international legitimacy on the part of the new Republican leadership. This search for legitimacy was based on the visual and textual representation of the Republic as something that was completely new and different and was contemporary to its time. Every issue has a specific cover illustration that shows and reflects the New Republican's modernity understanding of 'the sports subject' like Turkish young girls and women who sport with Turkish flags in their hands, young men who have perfect bodies, and other representations of the new republican modernism. There's no owner and author detail in periodical's editorial board. A new understanding of society is attempted to be imposed on readers through the idea of sportive discipline. Some articles have praises for the Italian fascist regime and Nazi Germany's educational system and discipline. This point indicates the new regime's hesitant search for direction before and during the World War 2. 'Okul-Spor''s approach of propaganda influenced mostly by Soviet culture of its time. The magazine adapted the Soviet communist style of propaganda in a distinctive way and used it in order to further newly emerged Republican Turkish culture trying to find its own identity. Extremely rare and very important set. Complete. All published. Turkish National Library 000156195.; Not in OCLC as an institutional copy of set in American or European libraries.




[RARE FIRST TURKISH EDITION WITH ITS PSYCHEDELIC DUST JACKET] Medyum. [= The shining]. Translated by Mehmet Harmanci. Cover design by Oral Orhon.

STEPHEN KING, (1947-).

Altin Kitaplar, Istanbul, 1977.

Original bdg. With its rare dust wrapper. Demy 8vo. (21 x 14 cm). In Turkish. 410, [4] p. [RARE FIRST TURKISH EDITION: PSYCHEDELIC COVER] Medyum. [= The shining]. Translated by Mehmet Harmanci. Cover design by Oral Orhon. Mehmet Harmanci (translator), (1932-), was a Turkish translator, author, and the founder of 'Koza Publishing House' together with Tarik Dursun K., (1931-2015). He is known with his translations from American contemporary and modern literature to Turkish as well as Stephen King's books. Oral Orhon was a famous contemporary Turkish graphic designer. He was a productive illustrator between the years 1930-1970, has also drawn many comic books, cartoons, covers, advertisements, movie posters. This book's dust jacket is designed by Orhon in psychedelic photographic style. Extremely rare first Turkish Edition. With its original dust jacket, very difficult to obtain. Not in OCLC.




[MANUSCRIPT CONJURATION REGISTERS OF THE FIRST ELITIST NEO-SPIRITUALIST GROUP OF TURKEY] Ispiritizma masa tecrübeleri. [i.e. Experiences of Spiritualism]. BEDRI RUHSELMAN, (Pioneer of Neo-Spiritualism of Turkey), (1898-1960).; ALBERT BRAUN, (Violinist).; ZÜHTÜ RIZA BEY, (Turkish musician), M. ZÜHDÜ PEKTAS., Ist., 1935-1936. Original manuscript book of the registers of the conjurations sessions by the first Turkish spiritualist group. 20x15 cm. In Ottoman script (Turkish with Arabic letters). [154] p., several hand-drawn ills. Group has Bedri Ruhselman, (1898-1960), Albert Braun, (Violinist and Ruhselman's violin teacher in German origin), Hans Ianma (Violin teacher), Hasan Saadeddin Bey, (Turkish spiritualist), and Doctor Zühdü Riza Bey, (Turkish musician, Kemençe teacher, a friend of Sadeddin Arel). Dr. Bedri Ruhselman (1898-1960), the founder of NeoSpiritism and "the Experimental New Spiritism". Ruhselman's point of view and a new perspective to the concepts such as creation, spirit, afterlife, birth incarnation and rebirth-reincarnation are pioneers in the Early Turkish Republican period. Ruhselman's empirical perspective on "afterlife", one of the most important and primary subjects of theology, has made important contributions to the spiritism, out of the classical standpoint. (Source: Ruhselman and his metaphysical vision, Kestel). Albert Braun was Ruhselman's violin teacher and his friend. It's said this early spiritualist group is the pioneer and elitist of Neo-Spiritualism in Turkey. He is considered a Mission Medium, a very rare category within spiritual mediumship. By definition, every medium has a varying degree of ability to tune in to spiritual "frequencies". But not all "reception" (coming from those frequencies) convey a meaningful message (sometimes if any). While mediumship is a gift (meaning that; one either has it or not); very few mediums are actually knowledgeable in spiritual matters. They simply transfer what they capture from their sensitive channels. And once in a while, mainstream media picks on certain mediums, especially when he/she delivers sensational predictions (i.e. Edgar Cayce). Bedri Ruhselman's both interest and gift was manifested since his early childhood. He was conducting spiritual sessions when he was only 12 years old. While continuing his musical education in the Prague Conservatory, in the 1920s, he studied the pioneers of classic spiritualism like Allen Kardec, Gustave Geley, Charles Richet, Leon Denis, William Crooks and become experienced in hypnotism and spiritual sessions. He also completed his medical education and graduated as a medical doctor. In 1950 by establishing Metapsychic Investigations and Scientific Research Society, he gifted an institutional identity to Neo-Spiritualism. His true duty started in 1958 by means of spiritual sessions with a guide being from higher spiritual plans which identified itself as “The Master”. Ruhselman and his carefully selected mediums received a vast amount of knowledge via these sessions during a few months. That body of knowledge has been compiled as a book, which Ruhselman never claimed any ownership (stating that it's purely a gift from the higher spiritual plan). The plan has instructed that; the book was only to be released in the future - to be identified by a certain sign. That point alone commends recognition for pure selfless devotion towards undertaken duty. If the ego was in play; one would usually do anything for fame or at least to cash on the subject. But Ruhselman completes his true duty and hands over the book for safekeeping without ever mentioning one word about the content. He passes away a few months after (1960). (Source: Indication23). This manuscript includes their registers of the conjurations sessions with some illustrations which have "table order" of the sessions at a house in Sisli, Istanbul. In the illustrations, given the locations of the goods in the room like piano, wardrobe, chair, etc. Registers including the sessions between the years of 1935-1936. Scripts were written by M. Zühdü Pektas mostly, by various fountain pens with blue and black inks. Some registers are taken by a pencil. An extremely rare stylish manuscript. Unpublished.




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